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Platinum Index Provider of dedicated internet service for Enterprise, small business and home covering all aspect of sectors..

Our Dreams

To be overwhelmingly number one in the Internet industry. with the aim to satisfying our customers need for better and qaulity services

Our Visions

We focus our business resources on the "place" for the Internet, and generate significant benefits as a result of bringing smiles and excitement to our many fans.

Our Philosophy

We strive to redefine the industry and foster a vibrant Internet culture. We believe in the importance of contributing to society and as a group we continually work to inspire enthusiasm in our customers and put smiles on their faces.

Our Clients

Our clients includes small scale , large scale business owners, personal and home/family networks at affordable prices.


Why Chose Platinum Index


  • Team Work

    We believe in the integrity of our customers. Hence we take all aspect very important and work together in achieving the best result.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Always be rest assured that our support team alert to respond to your needs.

  • Integrity

    a At Platinum Index, we maintain a structure that will continually maintain sustainable growth in the internet industry.

Our Services


Providing a dedicated Internet service that suites your organisation using our highly rated outdoor radio device with unlimited speed.

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Suitable for small business start up. This solution is one of the best package any Small Business can acquire with considerable budget plan.

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A cost effective, dedicated optical network that allows our customers to transport multiple signal over a single pair of fibers and multiple interface.

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Affordable for every home and pocket friendly. It is an advance 4G Lte that gives your High Speed Internet connection.

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Our client enjoys the maximum setup satisfaction in their offices. This is the advantage PLATINUM INDEX has over many telecoms.

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We understand your solution. PLATINUM INDEX treat them with utmost professional. We work with your budget to suit your taste.

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2Mbps / 2Mbps

4Mbps / 4Mbps

6Mbps / 6Mbps

8Mbps / 8Mbps

10Mbps / 10Mbps

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30GB + Unlimited Night

50GB + Unlimited Night

100GB + Unlimited Night

200GB + Unlimited Night

300GB + Unlimited Night

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Sales Effectiveness

Leadership Development

Personal Effectiveness

Presentation Skills

Negotiation Training

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